West Virginia, Mountain Momma

  • September 14 -- drive to St. Louis!
  • September 15 -- w/ Guided By Voices and Man Or Astroman
  • September 16 -- our first frat party, Champaign IL

September 14, 1995-BAM! YOU'RE IN THE SOUTH!

This happens to us all the time; we'll be in NY, then Washington D.C. and then we'll wake up the next morning and it'll be hot outside. I know there's another warm front over the east coast again, but Washington D.C. does have a warmer climate than NY, and you don't notice it because there is city sprawling all over the east coast. Drive a little southwest from D.C. (which is what we're doing now) and you see cotton growing in the median of the highway, and green mountains towering over you instead of rusted skeletons of metal buildings. We have to drive to St. Louis; and I think although everyone except Jim is in a grouchy mood (Jim's NEVER in a grouchy mood) we're all very glad to be leaving the east coast.


I'm really glad we're taking a southern route, over I64. 4 or 5 hours southwest of D.C. we're crossing into West Virginia, and 'city folk' here are rare. There was not even a major fast-food restaurant attached to the K-Mart we bought oil in; that's how backwoods the suburbs of the Alleghany Mountain range are. I wanted to hug the woman at the Motel 6 last night when she offered us extra towels for our room; I'm still smarting from a $6.50 phone charge for a 12-minute call to LOCAL AOL-dialup from a &*(%#!!* Days INN in New Jersey - "We know it says 50 cents per local call on the phone, but it's really 50 cents PER MINUTE. Woops. I guess we left out the "PER MINUTE". Sorry."


Welcome to Kentucky?



Is this exciting, or what? We are playing in between Man or Astroman and Guided By Voices tomorrow! WOW! And, we'll be west of our house! Woohoo!


September 15, 1995

St. Louis, Washington University Quad with Guided By Voices and Man Or Astroman

WHAT A BILL! I was hoping that Man Or Astroman would know who we are, and when they drove up, they asked who else was playing and we said "Poster Children" and they seemed genuinely happy - I take this as a huge compliment. When they played in Champaign last, at Mabels, we got to witness their show; they play sort of a surf-punk, and they have these incredible costumes and stage props and projectors and TV sets all over the stage. It's really a sight to behold. Also, if you've seen us play, you know how uh.. energetic we are on stage? Man Or Astroman makes us look like a shoegazer band! They bounce all over the stage like ping-pong balls, in their spaceman-type costumes. They also maintain their website themselves - (FINALLY! Another band who does this!)

We're back in Highschool

How comforting the atmosphere of this show was; it reminded me much of highschool; the good old days of being "stuffed in a locker" - emotionally. Rick came back from the food tables shaken; he almost got into a fight with some bully. He was spooning some ketchup onto his veggieburger when some guy comes up and says, "Hey dude, can you move over and let me get some of that?" and when Rick moved, the guy said, "Thanks - FOR NOTHING." Rick came back and sat down next to me with his food and then got all upset when he saw the guy standing around a bunch of other friends - "THERE'S THE GUY! THAT'S THE GUY!! I'm going to WATCH HIM ALL NIGHT!" Not wanting to see Rick this upset, I decided I'd run down and ask the guy if I could take his picture (quite dumbly, to see if I could get beat up). So here is Rick's new ketchup friend: he stood in front of his friends (and made obscene gestures) while I took the picture.

Maybe these guys were angry that part of their tuition money was spent on ....um... US.

After all this, I went out into the crowd and someone made fun of my hair, which upset me. Frigging St. Louis. Howie almost got beaten up too, for stealing someone's beer. Jim walked down to Vintage Vinyl and bought the soundtrack to a great movie, "Moutains On The Moon."

Man Or Astroman informed us that there was an article written in the Washington University school paper about a bunch of people complaining that they had to have crappy bands like Poster Children, Man Or Astroman, and Guided By Voices, whom they'd never heard of, instead of a Good Band like Phish or Hootie And The Blowfish.

In the end, though, it was well worth the trip. You can't please everybody, but I think a lot of people were happy. At least, the bands sure were happy! I hope we get to play with Man Or Astroman again!


September 16, 1995

After 8 years: Our First Frat Party, back to Champaign IL

After the scary highschool-like experience at Wash U. in St. Louis last night, you'd think maybe I'd be afraid that the frat guys here in Champaign would beat us up at their party, but I sure wasn't. I knew they'd behave - I was looking forward to maybe some moshing at this party, but there was none at all. It was just like playing in front of a bunch of jaded, very, very hip music fans. We recruited another Champaign band called "Braid" who are punker than us to play before us, and I think they were a little giddy- they played incredibly though, and they went over very well, which made us really happy. Then we went on and we played for what seemed FOREVER! We were asked to play for 90 minutes - that's 45-50 minutes more than we're used to playing! - so we played EVERYTHING we knew; old stuff, new stuff, *whew*. People just stood and watched, the whole night. I started getting a little scared when I saw no moshing, but the crowd just stood and stared politely, and clapped and screamed in between songs. What a well-behaved, nice audience!

Now if you are wondering WHY we'd play a frat, well, here is your answer. They asked us.

Very nicely, too, I might add. It was a chance to play in front of people who may have never heard us. (And they paid us well; we do need to pay our rent and eat, you know.) I really can't see refusing to play for people just because some segment of a population deems them "uncool." This was how I was treated all throughout highschool. We're not going to do it to others. (Even if the people who we play for do it to each other!) Anyway, it was very painless. Afterwards, some of the guys invited us to hang out and "party" with them but, geeks that we are, we went home and watched the end of "Bridge On The River Kwai" which we decided wasn't as good as "Lawrence Of Arabia." We were tired geeks.

I think we're HOME again!

We have 2 days of practice now and then we're off to meet Better Than Ezra and the Dambuilders in Tennessee, whose tour we've been playing hooky from!