More, more, more Ezra.

  • September 21 -- practice
  • September 22 -- Nashville TN
  • Sep 23 -- Memphis - Elvis, Memphis, Hooters

September 21, 1995

Practice In Our Living Room

We started another new song tonight so we have 5 started now; 2 are "done" - no lyrics yet, but the structure is pretty much done. I wonder about the neighbors; no one has complained yet, but it has to be a real pain to have to listen to the same song, uncompleted, over and over again. We are taping these songs with a teeny walkman as we work on them, just to hear what they sound like taped, and also so we can remember them. On the tapes, we sound so incredibly loose! blechh! It's because we're playing these songs for the first time.

I worry about the first time we play these songs live - I hope we try it during the Sponge dates.


September 22, 1995

The Dambuilder's violinist, Joan, is incredible - she sings and plays violin and dances, all at the same time, and is just generally gorgeous.

More Dambuilders + Better Than Ezra

I was happy to be back on this tour; we've been home for the week. The bands seemed genuinely happy to see us back again, too. Plus, we were told that we were getting 45 minutes now for these shows; all those misunderstandings had been worked out. But tonight when I saw the road manager for BTE, and told him I was happy we'd gotten those problems worked out, he said, "No one told me anything. You're still playing 30 minutes." I sort of want to find out what

company this guy works for just to make sure we never work with him. I just don't understand what the point of this is. It is to wield some type of power trip?? Tonight also, as we finished up our last song, some guy stood next to the stage and screamed at Rick, "LAST SONG! LAST SONG!" Rick thinks the BTE road crew doesn't know we're the same band from the last two weeks. No respect. The highlight of the night tonight was watching the Dambuilders tear through their songs. They really are a good band, and I think this tour is doing well for them.

The audience was pretty great tonight though. Much better than the last time we played here in Nashville - to about 5 people! And the promoter provided us with our ENTIRE rider - even our earplugs!

We ate at White Castle tonight


So.. I am told that our new Public Service Announcement (90 second video) will be on tomorrow during Spiderman, on FOX-TV, Saturday morning. As always, we cannot be certain that it will happen, but we're going to watch. We don't know what it looks like!

Addendum: We were misinformed: they played Spanish Fly's PSA instead. We even told our parents to watch for it; how embarrassing. I guess ours was played 2 weeks ago. I guess we have no way of knowing for sure when it will be played. *sigh*.

Sonic Youth on David Letterman

It's funny, I was just thinking about that Washing Machine song yesterday, wondering if it was out yet, and then tonight as we were watching David Letterman, he announced that Sonic Youth was going to be on! It's a good song. I hope they get as famous as they want to be from it. The sound was pretty bad on the tv show; Lee's guitar was much louder than anything else and a little out of tune- imagine that - but they sure looked good. We didn't get to see enough of Kim, but she's not the star of that song, I guess.



Elvis, Memphis, Hooters

September 23, 1995

Why Guys Like Breasts, and Why It's OK

Decisions, Decisions. Where do we eat lunch? Hooters or Waffle House?

For those who don't know, Hooters is a chain of restaurant that features waitresses with large breasts, dressed in tank tops and shorts, serving your meatburgers. It is billed as a Family Place; one that "you take Dad out to, for a little fun." I was appalled at hearing this from Rick, and a lively discussion ensued, with the guys explaining to me Why Guys Like Breasts, and Why It's OK. I should explain that I am in a band with the nicest, gentlest, most progressive-thinking, pro-feminist guys in the world. Even calling them that is an insult; they treat women as equals to men, and there is no question or discussion about it. They also like a good debate, and especially Rick loves to debate as the devil's advocate, so they took it upon themselves to defend the mustache-clad shotguns&pickup-owning men walking guiltily around the premises of Hooters.

According to the rest of the band, the Reason Men Like To See Breasts and Why It's OK harks back to our Primitive Days (Tennessee by the way, the state we're in, is where in 1925, John Scopes was found guilty of teaching Evolution to children, in the "Scopes Monkey Trial."), where the breeding-survival instinct of men made them especially aware of women's breast sizes. (And women still look for a man who would be good as the Leader of the Tribe.) So it's a Breeding Thing. The guys know I can't argue with Darwin. I asked why the place wasn't called "Thighs" then, since men should also focus on the size of a women's thighs for childbearing reasons, and then we got into another discussion which I think I won't write about here....



So we made our way to Graceland, after a nice Waffle House meal. We got caught up in traffic so we didn't make it out to Elvis's to catch is $10 tour of his house which is supposed to be amazing, but we did see the wall surrounding Graceland. This is a huge wall where I guess people are supposed to write messages to The King. Which is what we did.