omaha, nebraska

Oct 06 -- Lawrence KS
Oct 07 -- Omaha NB with MERCY RULE!

October 6, 1995 - Lawrence KS

Tour Bus, Shmour Bus

We are so cool, we woke up at 7am, drove ourselves to KLZR, got there late, Sponge was sitting, waiting to be interviewed when we showed up and they found out that we were going to interview them and they were going to interview us. The interview turned out great! They are really good guys. Jim and I asked them questions, and they asked us back. I was scared to death, and I think maybe they were nervous, too. I think Jim was nervous. I asked them how many records they had out and they said 800. They were very sarcastic, and we were sarcastic back. And it went pretty quickly. The one thing Rick kept commenting is that he couldn't believe the station let us just talk to each other for almost 20 minutes, non-stop. It's one of those "bigger" stations. It's so big that the indie-er kids call it "The Loser" instead of "The Laser" but it seemed o.k. to me. The people there were nice.

Next we went to one of our favorite College Radio Stations, which is KJHK, which you can hear over the internet if you try. We had a great but short (our fault) interview and talked about our Public Service Announcement. KJHK is one of those stations that has been there forever for us, we have KJHK tshirts at home, KJHK has played us for years, and it is nice to go back there and interview. People at our label in Los Angeles listened over the internet to us talking in Lawrence Kansas. "We want the future."

Hello, People of Lawrence KS

Nothing spectacular at this show. It wasn't even in the place where Public Enemy's audience booed us - it was in a beautiful theater painted with galaxies and ringed planets, called "Liberty Hall." People calmly waited for us to finish playing, patiently clapped after our songs, and did some sympathy moshing (I call it that when we have a couple of fans in the audience who start a pit because they can't bear to see the audience standing still during our songs) and then sailed around during the Sponge set. Sponge does a pretty hot cover of the theme from Speed Racer I have to admit. Their drummer is a wildman.

My First Review Of Sponge

I haven't been able to watch even part of a Sponge set because I've been selling t-shirts all the time during it, but I have to admit, from what I hear, they are a fine live band. I don't know their music at all, and it is definitely NOT in the genre of music that I love (I love very few bands these days), but man, can they play. Their members have been at it for a while, too; they are veterans, and just by watching them you know they've paid their dues. The first band, Big Block also is a great live band, and I know we're good at the live show. So this is a bill of 3 very, very strong live acts. Even if you don't like the music too much, and chances are with the combination of our 3 bands, all audience members will dislike at least 1 of the bands, but everyone will be treated to watching 3 great live acts. Even if you don't like the music, we can all play our tushies off.

Star Wars Party

We stayed at Chris from Lotuspool Records' house last night, and watched most of The Empire Strikes Back. Chris runs a record label that put out some great stuff, including a compilation that has a HUM song on it! (HUM ALERT! HUM ALERT!). Chris is a storyteller. Chris can do a mean Telly Savalas imitation, too.

October 7, 1995 - Omaha NB with MERCY RULE!

Driving to Omaha


The sun is blaring down on us like a bright orange laser beam, more brilliant than I ever remember it, like it's the reason all the cornfields we're passing are empty or filled with standing skeletons of burnt, driedup cornhusks. Leaves are beginning to turn brown; they're all a dull greyish green color. Everything is waiting to die. I don't like autumn unless it's nighttime.

Punk Rock Extravaganza in Omaha With Mercy Rule

Sponge had a night off last night, so we drove to Omaha to play a punk rock show with our pals Mercy Rule. When we got there we found out there were two hardcore bands opening for us; a band called "454 Big Block" from Boston (we promised we'd "rough 'em up" for Big Block, on the Sponge tour with us) and a band called "Battalion Of Saints" either from England or San Diego, we couldn't figure out which. We couldn't figure out which band had more tattoos, either. The Battalion's t-shirt salesman had a shirt which read "Green Day Sucks" on it, and one of them had a leather jacket with studs circa 1977, with the FEAR logo on the back. It was classic. They were true hardcore, too. The audience was sort of unprepared, I think. The two bands left the club long before either Mercy Rule or we hit the stage, probably pissed off at whoever booked them. Oh well.

More Driving

Altogether Too Much Time Spent in Missouri

We all feel strangely refreshed after playing in a teeny, smoky club last night, with no monitors or microphones on our instruments. Today will be nice because there will be less smoke, huge monitors, and a little rest - Omaha was about 6 hours out of the way for us on the Sponge Tour. The Sponge Tour Manager said we were stupid for playing the show, but I'm sure he was just jealous. (yeah, right.)

I just noticed that next weekend we have 4 over-400 mile drives in a row, so now we have to plan out what cities we're going to stay in. It's scary and fun; an element of danger is added because who knows when the van will break down, and we'll miss a motel room and get charged for it.

Driving the Wrong Way Across the Country

And I'm sure I complained about this before - I am used to driving from Minneapolis to Seattle, down the California coast, and then through Arizona and New Mexico, counter-clockwise, and this tour routing is completely different. I love driving from Southern California, east across the desert, and we're not going to do that this time. At least we get to drive through New Mexico, but we'll be in a hurry. That'll suck. You know how much I love New Mexico. I am looking forward to going to our favorite restaurant, which is Fred's, in Albuquerque.

The Greatest Present In The World

Which I totally forgot to mention - was given to us in Bloomington, IN, by a guy named Ryan. It was a huge sack of BOOKS! I'd take a picture of it but the books are now scattered all over the van; everyone has pillaged the sack. Thank you so much, Ryan!!!