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Feb - Apr
Poster Children in Europe
with Steel Pole Bath Tub
1- England
2- Germany
3- Germany, Denmark, Switz
4- Italy-Switz
5- Italy
6- Austria
7- France
8- The Netherlands

Norse Raider Tour

East Coast
w/ Cows!
Cows 1
Cows 2
Cows 3


(we worked on RTFM for the rest of the year)




East Coast with The Cows! Jun 5 - 10: Volume 3

CBGBs, view from the stage before we started playing.

Jun 9, Sun, Baltimore, MD - Memory Lane

Promoter Rant

I'm a little leery of Baltimore, because we had a terrible show here once, playing with a great band called Babe The Blue Ox. People said we were "too Loud." I guess the show was OK, but I remember now, it was probably the only time we've ever really been shorted money. It was back when I used to give money back to promoters if it was obvious that they didn't make the guarantees (a stupid thing to do, by the way) but I had some sort of falling out with the promoter of this particular show, and I don't even remember what happened. Usually if the promoter wants to guilt you for taking the money he/she/it owes you, it tries to make you feel like it's your fault that people didn't show up, and that you are a sucky band. Of course, this could be the reason, or it could be lack of promotion and posters, etc., but none of this is the point. Good promoters - like Richard King at the Blue Note in Columbia - just keep their mouths shut and realize that they'll make money in the next couple of days on a better show. It all should even out in the end, if you're a good promoter. After a Blue Note show (capacity: 1000) where 40 people would show up, Richard King would sit me down on the couch and pep-talk me, "Next time, there's gonna be 500 people here! You just wait!" and pay me some exhorbitant fee that he and our booking agent had cooked up. This happened more than once.

Memory Lane

But Memory Lane is a different club than the last icky Baltimore club. We've never been here before. We drive up to the club, and it's terrifying-looking from the outside, especially with the "Asbestos-Works" sign on the door next-door. I get the feeling we definitely won't be "Too Loud" for this club! I walk inside, afraid for my life - it's obviously a club that the loud, punk-rok Cows can play, but us weeny Poster Children? - and upon entering, I see Steel Pole Bath Tub posters all over. Whew! Talk about Memory Lane! There's even a picture of them next to the stage! (Not anymore though..). And the promoter is nice as can be- has even seen us a couple of times! It looks like it'll be a very fun show!

Shannon Cow

Shannon Cow is walking around the club before soundcheck, slickly and importantly, hiding a small black box with a huge silver antennae stuck out of it - "what are you doing?" I asked him. "Watching the Simpsons," he answered, and walked away quickly. He was not to be bothered. "It's the episode where ..." he yelled back over his shoulder, semi-excitedly. I have the new Cows record now, and listened to it. I'm happy to report that, although I have most of their old records, the new one *is* better. Each time I ask "what record is this particular song on," they answer "the new one." I love it when that happens. I tell them, too; bands love to hear that you like their newer stuff; something that's not always obvious, but should be, if you think about it.


Shannon's a complete nut, so shy offstage and hilarious, onstage. Yesterday he apologized for being "distant" on the tour, he wanted the band to know that he's just shy. The Cows are tired, have been touring most of the year so far (meow, meow, whine) and they've been at it for as long as we have - maybe longer. I've seen Shannon play a show with both arms in casts, (he'd fallen through a rooftop window) with a microphone taped to his hand. Now the Cows are playing Lollapalooza this year, on a side-stage, and they are very worried about it and not looking forward to it. We all tried to reassure them that it'll be great - remember, it was for us! I *hope* it will be great for them now, because we really talked it up!

Jun 10, Mon, Washington, DC - Black Cat

View from out of the van window. Man, this quicktake camera is pretty great.

DC Rockers

No Fugazis to be seen; I think Ian is on tour with his girlfriend in Europe. Our fellow computer-geek pals Uncle Tony and Robert are here to greet us. Jenny Toomey from Tsunami is backstage, talking to Rick about her solo-project tour around the US this summer. Rick and I were contemplating playing an electrical experiment with her, but there is so much to do, I think we'd go out of our heads if we agreed to it. I took one look at her and blurted out, "God, you look so beautiful." Because she did. She's really beautiful. This resulted in a mass of jokes, like "Rose, you're a married woman now, you can't be looking at other women." Terribly embarrassed, I went upstairs to see the last Cows show. I guess I ought to learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes.

Good show tonight

We had a good show tonight. Afterwards, a kid came up to me and said, "I thought the Poster Children were a crappy, terrible band who got signed to a major label a long time ago! I mistook them for you guys, I'm sorry! You guys were great! What label are you on, anyway?" "Reprise," I answered. "Oh, Cool," he responds. Then, like a moron, I tell him that it's a major label (I don't like to leave people with incorrect information) and I go through the whole spiel, explaining our very wonderful experiences on our major label, and our horrid ones on the indies. I think he left re-questioning our music. I guess I ought to learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes.

We sleep

Ok. Last show. We went back to Uncle Tony's house, Evil Genius HQ - Tony is the first (and only other) guy who ever got kidnapped and went on tour with us - and he was with us for 5 days, he reminds us! (Frankly, I don't know how we stood each other, Tony!! :-) The weirdest thing - Tony's a complete computer geek now, and I remember when he was just larnin' the computer. I was still in a band. Hm.... It's nice to watch people 'grow up' around me!

Home Again Home Again!

We get back home from East Coast tour happy, relaxed, and with a good chunk of money, even though our guarantees were kinda low. Thanks to our friends and their floors, and our eating at Taco Bell, we come back with almost enough money to pay our rent! Cows told us that they had been very tired and jaded from touring the whole year, but this tour rejuvenated them, a huge compliment to us! East Coast tour was fun! I guess it's not as beautiful as the sparse Western US, but we definitely have more fans here, and a longer history. All over the East Coast, there are kids who drove 8-10 hours, 5 years ago, just to see us play, and people who've been with us from the start. It's gonna take a while to build up a following on the west coast like that. Meanwhile, we are home now. Next week, we start working on new songs again, until another great band calls us up to tour. And I have a lot of programming to do.

I think we're going on tour in the fall, to practice the rest of the new material. Maybe we'll try to play the 8 states we've never played before.

--rosanne marshack, 1996