Sept 99 - # 1: Self-Induced Schizophrenia

Jet Lag (jev, rnv)

Sept 19?, 1999 - Chicago to Heathrow

I tried to get the United lady to upgrade all our tickets to business class. I have something like 100,000 freq flier miles. She still wouldn't go for it. In fact she almost didn't let us on the plane because one of us had 2 small carryon items instead of one big one. "United Airlines - where the Passenger is the Enemy."

Sept 21, 1999 - London, England

London Audience

Today the show was outer limits. I was terrified on the stage. In fact, right before we went on, Howie reminded all of us that we've not played a show in over a YEAR! I have new equipment all around; even my keyboard is new for me, and the sounds are not what I'm used to. And it's terrifying to play in London, because I never know what we've done right all these times, so I won't know if we're doing it wrong this time. I have been told that the London crowd is so fickle, you never know if they're just going to hate you because you had the wrong TV station on or something. One day, it's all going to turn, I'm afraid.

We played with a new band who just signed to Mute Records, "Echoboy." They played first, and the place was packed for them, and next came a band with too many guitars, who cleared out the place. When we got on stage I was really afraid that no one would be left, but the place filled up again! It was great - the audience screamed and clapped after each song, and cheered for an encore. At the end of the set, a group in front of me was calling for "Three Bullets," which is a very old Poster Children song, but they said they enjoyed Salaryman as well.

The promoter of this show will be promoting our future show in London, November 28th at the Garage - and he wants Poster Children to play as well. Wyndham and Rick will have none of it. Wyndham says that it'll be like Poster Children is trying to piggy-back onto the coattails of Salaryman; Salaryman has such a higher status in the UK. Then he noted that it was ironic, wasn't it. Well, yes, it is ironic, considering that all the press releases I've seen from City Slang now mention Poster Children in like, at least the 3rd sentence.

But I really won't mention it again. I am not supposed to. The bands are to be kept separate, even if they are the exact same people. All other 3 members of the bands think so, and I agree too, even if it hurts a lot sometimes. Self-Induced Schizophrenia.

Jim (JEV) at the Chicago O'Hare Airport