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2000 Tour Reports Index


DDD Tour- March-May

Mar 14-18- SXSW-Austin:
pools of water reflect the sky like mirrors

Mar 18-23 The Southeast:
kiss the ground in Baton Rouge

Mar 23-31 The East Coast:
"just tell me, is this still part of the game?"

April Week 1 - NorthEast Coast:
what can make a towel smell like bacon?

April Week 2 Midwest Datest:
crying to the music of the Doors

April Week 3 - Go West:
It's so exciting when people beat the crap out of each other!

April Week 4- West:
That West-Coast, I-5 feel

May Week 1 - End:
"I'm a Man and I Have Needs"



Poster Children formed in 1987 so we've got a lot of stories, photos, posters, live tapes, etc. lying around. It's a bear going through all that stuff but we're going to try to get a good selection up here for you to look at.

Rose's tour reports start in 1995 when she began posting them on this site. In the parlance of our times it would be called a blog but back then we didn't have a name for it.

Also, there are summaries of the band's history from before 1995 including rare and potentially embarassing photos. That section's not complete yet, but we're working on it.