July 18th through 22nd, 2002: Each note is a prayer.

Thursday, July 18, 2002 - we're home!

We're home. We ran straight to our computers and started playing. I figured out how to make a mySQL database through xcodesign's new server, and I started databasing my tour reports from 1995. They're still up on the web right now, but I'm organizing them. Let me tell you, that's pretty scary. I am pretty sure I am the first person in a band to write tour reports and post them on the web. Prove me I'm wrong.

Friday, July 19, 2002 - Tour whiplash

What did we do tonight? Rick and I sat and listened to Breeders and Imperial Teen records. Then we watched our videotape footage from the shows. Our friends Jason and Nam, black belts from the TKD academy, came over and hung out with us for a while, Nam brought a pizza. Jason's leaving for Korea in a couple of days. They hung out for a while and then they left. Then we went to bed.

I have whiplash from the stopping of the tour. Will it continue? Can my mind stay on tour while my body stays put? (No, that is Incorrect.)

Then I played with the computer some more.

Saturday, July 20, 2002 - The Breeders, Imperial Teen, and Bratmobile at the Metro in Chicago

Jane Hijacked!

Jane has been hijacked by her parents and driven to a remote place in upper Wisconsin. I'm a bit 'miffed' because she just wrote to me that she just went up to Chicago and got nunchucks (neither of us know how to spell that) and some real Kung-fu shoes, and she's been practicing the nunchucks while watching a Bruce Lee videotape. She says she watches it for a little while, then pauses it, then practices, then turns it on again. This I've got to see. But I guess I'll have to wait.

Civilians at the Metro

Rick and I drove up to Chicago to meet Matt and see this tour as civilians. Tonight, Bratmobile opened the show. I really, really loved them - especially because the guitarist had the same amp as me! - halfway during their set I had decided I was going to go purchase everything they'd ever put out, and all the t-shirts they had for sale. But then when I went to talk to them, for some reason, afterwards I just never got around to buying anything. I don't know why that was. I think they were pleasant to me. I sort of wanted to talk to them a bit more but they were very busy, I guess.

Imperial Teen = Perfection!

How does Imperial Teen get their voices to sound so perfect each show, when they don't even have their own soundguy and they barely ever get soundchecks? This band is FANTASTIC. I LOVE THIS BAND!!!! I'm so happy I got to stand up close and watch them tonight without worrying about selling shirts or where my equipment is. Imperial Teen is a force of nature, live, and they are really, really nice people too. I can't wait to go home and listen to their album that I have stolen from Matt. What do they sound like? They have that thing where they have a huge part of a song (maybe even the whole song) just one chord; you know I love that kind of thing. Very pounding rhythms, really, really catchy melodies, they all look like movie stars, and they all have gorgeous voices. This is the tour of gorgeous voices. I wish that some will rub off on me. Very intense and catchy music.

The Breeders are SO NICE TO US!!

So in between the Imperial Teen and The Breeders sets, I hear the record come on; Flower Plower. They're playing our record inbetween sets at the Metro. Years ago I would have run out in embarrassment; now I just kind of grin at Rick and say "They're playing our record! Yay!" And air-drum to it. What a nice thing to do!

And then in the middle of the greatest set I've ever seen in the world, the guitarist calls out, "We'd like to say Hello to our friends, Poster Children, Rick, Rose, Matt and Jim" - you can imagine how wonderful that felt. The place was PACKED!!! I felt like warm sparkely water rained down on me. Then later on when he was telling jokes, he said, "Seriously, folks, it's great to be here in Champaign."

It's interesting to me that Kim Deal has been on the stage during the two best shows I've ever seen in my entire life. This show was amazing. You can tell how much the crowd loved the Breeders and you know it was such a heartfelt, grounded love, an intense love for every part of this show, a very wholesome love for the people who played this music for us. People crowded around the tour bus after the show, just waiting for the girls to come out and sign more autographs. Just to see Kim and Kelley again. Look at them in the pictures I have taken (and will take more) - they shine like light is inside them. The rest of the band, too. And Imperial Teen, too. They're movie stars that have come down off the screen to hang out with us for a little while.


So as we left the two bands to their tour, Kevin, the tour manager, was telling us that he was going to get us on some more of their shows. We're pretty speechless about it; the last night of the tour, Kevin said, "Would you like to play Texas with us?" and I just said, "YES." I told him we'd drive anywhere to play with them. That's pretty true. So I think, I think, I hope, that we are getting more shows with them and we get to see them play more!! HURRAY!!! At this point I just want to follow the tour like a groupie! Maybe I'll get to!

Sunday, July 21, 2002 - Damn it's hot and humid here

I don't even know what I did today. Played with the computer some more. Made french bread (it sort of turned out ok), picked mint in the backyard and made a salad out of it. My back is killing me for some reason, so now I can't even practice martial arts. I have spent the past 3 weeks jumping around like an idiot, with a bass strapped around my neck, carrying huge cabinets - and falling down stairs while carrying them - sleeping curled up in a ball in the van, and yesterday, when I went to pick up a toothbrush, I fell on the ground and had to crawl to sit up.

I think it's from arm-wrestling Kim. She beat me, right-handed and left-handed. Man, she is strong. She thinks I let her win too, but I didn't. So she could probably kick my arse.

Monday, July 22, 2002 - Each Note Is A Prayer.

I went to work today, at the University. I work in a lab where no one else works; just all by myself. Here's my website that I made for it. I am working on a neato program I've written that I call Landspeeder; maybe I'll put a link to it here later.

Then I went to the chiropractor; I've only been there a couple other times. I think they're all quacks. I paid US$39 for this guy to spend about 3 minutes with me, cracking my back. I don't think I feel any better. I think the terror of hearing your bones crack overpowers the terror of 'why does my rib feel like it's popping out when I twist sideways' and that makes you feel better. My mind doesn't get fooled like that though. I'm still afraid when I feel like my rib is popping out of my side. How am I going to play this show on Thursday?

Then I went to Tibet Night and learned how to Non-Meditate. I think I did it right, actually. It is said that if you do this type of Tibetan (non-)meditation correctly, that even if the Buddha comes down and tells you you were doing it wrong, you'd say to him, "No, I was doing it right." It was nice to see everyone in my little group there.

Then I came home and my wish has come true. I get to see the Breeders and Imperial Teen in Texas.


Greetings Poster Folk,
I wondered if you ever thought of doing a show where you had to deftly unravel yourselves from various chains, ropes, and other binding apparatus in Houdiniesque fashion, before your audience got tired or freaked out and left? Just wondering. Please send me your dental charts? Thanks.
Love it,
P.S. Each note is a prayer...
Bill Clark


Each note is a prayer.