[03] "We are on vacation for FOREVER and a DAY"

Monday March 11 - Day off in Champaign, IL
Tuesday March 12 - Haircutting Day, Champaign IL
Thursday March 14 - Show Off! (still stuck in Champaign!)


Monday March 11 2002

March 11 - Champaign Il (day off)

Email from Jane: (This is my 17-year-old Kung-fu sister - we have studied martial arts together since she was 12 and are the same KF lineage - she just went on a highschool band trip to Chicago which she was not looking forward to. She plays the tuba. She's kind of my best friend in town - I know that's weird because of our age difference, but we see each other pretty much every day, practicing martial arts. And you can see from her writing that she's quite a bit advanced for her age. Or ... wait a minute...)

Hi Rose,

I just read your tour diary. I feel slightly guilty about it because I feel like I shouldn't pry into your personal life when I know you and you're likely to let me in. Anyway, you seem to have had a very beautiful experience. Which made me think that I would describe my band field trip to Chicago as rather miserable, even though you (with your remarkably positive outlook) would probably had a beautiful experience. It also caused me to remember that we only had to do 10 pushups, and not on our knuckles, for telling you that we thought it would snow.

You say that you are lucky, but I think that you aren't really any luckier than many other people. I think you just appreciate things and people, and your luckiness. That is very, very good. Maybe you're very lucky that you are able to appreciate those things.

I think that if I had a little more of your optimism and enthusiasm, my "tour" could have been described very like yours. I was staying with 3 people I love (and 60-some other dirty high schoolers, but they weren't in the hotel room with me so I didn't really have to talk to them very much. They ensured that none of the boys could get into any of the hotel rooms of the girls (and visa versa) so that we wouldn't start breeding like rabbits.). And I got to eat some VERY good food near Northwestern when they let us go for a few hours (is Northwestern in Evanston?), and I saw some neat exhibits on Tibet and Japanese something or other in the Field Museum. But, all those high points were submerged in hours of playing the tuba, falling asleep and waking up when my head fell down, and strip malls which looked very familiar.
I kept thinking that I should know where we were, because we were in a filthy, gigantic parking lot with a Taco Bell, a McDonalds, a Walmart, another huge store next to the Walmart selling the exact same items as the Walmart, and a Baker's Square. And I've been in that parking lot before, it was just in different locations every other time I was there. At least, it looks like the same parking lot I've been in countless times before, and for the purpose of buying stuff it is the same parking lot, a 7 layer burrito from the Taco Bell here will be exactly the same as the burrito anywhere else.

But anyway, it is wonderful to read the way you can write down your wonderful experiences. And it's wonderful to know that you have such wonderful experiences. I guess it's also nice to know that I could probably have equally wonderful experiences if I were less of an angry and cynical teenager.

I hope you had a good weekend.

I will have to tell Jane that if I was her age, I probably would have had a crappy time too. A teenager is not supposed to have optimism or enthusiasm for anything.


We have a couple of days off in Champaign so I go to work and school and do the things I normally do. I went into ResEdit and changed my Eudora to read "You have new SPAM" instead of "new Mail." I changed the splash-screen "Adobe Photoshop" to read "Adobe PhotoSHIT." I have really important things to do here.

My mind is in a crazy place now; like using muscles you've used for years but took a little break from - I still know how to be on tour, and I can do it for long periods of time. The part I always had trouble with was the coming OFF of tour. Now with 3 days of touring (1 for driving back) and 4 days off, I'm getting a constant Tour-Reset button being hit on my head each Monday. It resets your whole brain and makes you want to work again. It's really neat.

This past weekend I did a shitload of homework when I wasn't driving. I have a bunch of multimedia projects that I'm working on and I advanced a lot, so I took them to my professors who were very glad to critique me. I'm still getting used to that. In the past I'd just make pkids record covers or CD-ROMs and no one would say anything. Ok, maybe Rick would say stuff. But no authority figure would say anything to me! So now I have to get used to opening my brain a bit wider. I like knowing that I'm going to expand my horizons from this all, but it's still jarring to have worked a bunch on something and then bring it to someone to hear them say, "No. Wrong Font!"

I'm apparently meditating wrong, too. Does everyone go through life being told their doing stuff incorrectly, all the time? Is there a point when people don't say this to you anymore? Am I asking for it?

email from fan:

hi rose,
i thought i read in your recent email that posterchidren has a show coming up in lincoln, ne at duffy's...but now i can't find it anywhere. does that still stand? if so, on which date?

Tuesday March 12 - Haircut Day, Champaign IL

When our haircutting person, Ruby, left for Austin, TX, we were distraught. We had no idea what we were going to do for haircuts. She was the best in town. She left instructions with everyone to call this guy Stephen, at another haircutting place in town, so we did that. When we called though, we were told that he is not accepting any more clients. We were BONGED!

I was really upset. I asked for another name in town and they gave me one and for the past 2 years we've had our hair cut by someone else, a really nice lady. But my friends all have had their hair cut by Stephen, and their hair always looks great. I finally decided to get Wonjae, my friend, who is Cool enough to go to Stephen, to "put in a good word for me and Rick."

She did, and came back with the news, "Stephen has been WONDERING what happened to you guys! He thought you'd call him. Rock stars are hot property for haircutters." Then she said that he told us to call and lie and say that we've already been in to see him. That's the way to get in, he told her. (Otherwise you have to get past the bouncer/receptionist/significant other).

So for 2 weeks I labored over this problem. I want to go to Stephen but I will not LIE in order to get in. It is intensely hard for me to lie about anything. So I finally got up the guts about a month ago to go in there, I went in during lunchtime and slammed my hands down on the counter, told them the whole story about how badly I wanted to see Stephen, how Ruby left and told us to call him, how we couldn't get in, and how we couldn't lie. And they took mercy on us and gave us a hair appointment. Today was that hair appointment.

I'm really happy with the haircut. And Stephen was so complimentary, talking about how proud he was that he got to cut my hair. It was very, very flattering. Rick's hair looks great too. Hopefully the other person who cut our hair over the past 2 years won't feel badly.

Isn't it weird how you have to worry about things like this?

Two of my Tae Kwon Do students were in the class after mine today, the one I don't teach, but take as a student. I wonder why. Am I not teaching them well enough?

Thursday, March 14 - Show OFF! Still Stuck in Champaign!

Where the HELL does a 17-year old learn this stuff?

Jane, my 17-year old Kung-fu Sister, was marvelling at my problems with the haircut appointments; trying to find the best haircutter for my hair. I told her that since she has straight, fine hair that it's easy to cut her hair. She still said she couldn't believe Rick and I spent so much time worrying about the haircuts, and so I said "I guess we might be a little vain." Here's her response.

From: MMcclin673@aol.com
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 08:23:54 EST
Subject: Re: ugh
To: rose@posterchildren.com

<< I guess we might be a little vain. >>

The dictionary definition being, "having or showing undue or excessive pride in one's appearance or achievements," I think my haircutting agenda shows more vanity than yours. I'm the one who is convinced I'll be pretty no matter who cuts my hair. You're the ones with a tiny flaw in self-confidence which has you convinced that are dependent on good haircuts to look pretty or cool or well groomed or whatever. Maybe one day we'll all realize that even if we don't look pretty, cool, and well-groomed, we'll still be beautiful.  And then we can throw away our cosmetics and haircutting appointments and be our naturally beautiful and radiant selves, or we can keep on getting good haircuts and be beautiful AND pretty, cool, and well-groomed. Then everyone will love us. 
Well, I need to go to school and be beautiful for all my classmates now. I hope you have a wonderful day. 


Where the hell does a 17-year old girl learn this stuff? In HIGHSCHOOL?? And to interject exactly the right amount of facetiousness at the end? This is why I think she is going to be President someday.

From Matt Pkid:
> o.k. now SHE was born in an egg, from a planet further than the planet where you and Rick are from, where people are super human and everyone gets about a 30 on the ACT.>

From Me:
...If you hang out with us enough, my friend, you will soon see that you are from this planet too. Anyone can be from it; you just have to think you are.
And *you* obviously are, otherwise you wouldn't be in this band.

New Female Black Belt!

Tonight a new female black belt appeared at our Tae Kwon Do Academy! She is from another place. She is really, really freaked out about being called a black belt though, because she hasn't practiced in 4 years. You can see from her body movements though that she is very well trained.

She wasn't sure what rank our Head Instructor would put her (she is wearing plain clothes), but I was pretty sure he'd honor her black belt. It's pretty hard to get a black belt, and once you do I think it should be honored by anyone respectable. Then if you have catching-up to do, you are challenged not only to improve for yourself, but for others around you watching you and deciding for themselves if you are a black belt.

Master Hyong paired her up with me (cuz I'm a black belt also), and she was so apologetic! "I'm SO Sorry!" she told me as I moved myself to the left of her in line, signifying that I believed she was higher rank than me - (she had said she was almost 2nd dan (degree) so that's higher than me!) - she looked so sad and worried that I was angry with her - and I said something like, "Nonsense! I will have NONE of that! We are here to work out together! I have no problems with where you are in your training!" Why should her place matter to me? Actually, as we started doing our form together, all of the sudden I felt so strong and happy and I wanted to be better - I've been uninspired in TKD for a while, and am now inspired again. I felt great!

When I taught TKD to my class today, (I also have an hour when I teach TKD - Jane is my assistant), I called attention to one of the kids who was doing the splits perfectly. "Show-off!" another kid replied. "NO," I said, "She is not showing off! She is just doing her 'work.' When I see someone doing something perfectly like that, I say to myself, 'Wow, that's SO COOL! Look at her doing that! That means that I will be able to do that someday, too!'" The class was silent after that and continued stretching. They all looked like they were hard at work. I was in such a good mood today, from Jane's email.

Holy Shit! Star Death!

Holy SHIT! I just saw a FANTASTIC band named "Star Death" from St. Louis. If you want to see the reincarnation of The Minutemen, as all women, then you must go see this band. They played the most intensest set I've seen in about 5 years. Maybe since Six Finger Satellite. Damn they were FANTASTIC! And it was at our new Independent Media Center, which is turning out to be quite a cool place.